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The trailer looks awesome man. It also makes me want to work on the music. I'll try and make a couple of loops tonight. Your skill with flash has improved and I really can't wait to play it. It probably doesn't hurt that I'm in the game..but I really am looking forward to it, hahaha. I'll ask a couple of friends if they know anyone else who'd be willing to help out with the animation. Good luck with it bro.

Akitta responds:

Totally friggin late review....awwww....how did I not see this! ><#

Umm..thanks man...uhh..November 9? ah...shit...-.-


I'm actually quite impressed by the art. It seems you worked your ass off to replicate the designs. The sync job was also really good. Your microphone quite unfortunately blows, but great job none the less. I would recommend making a pop filter to put in-between you and the mic. It'll reduce the plosives a lot. In the end it was pretty damn good, keep it up man.

Horsenwelles responds:

im not an expert on audio filters, so any more info on fixing my mic is appriciated, thank you :)

anyway, thank you for the good review!

Nice man

I liked the animation. It was pretty damn smooth and the weapons didn't look to bad either. I got a kick out of the mishaps sections they were pretty funny. That sword was pretty cool aswell. Thanks a lot for using some of my tunes aswell glad you liked them enough to use them in a flash. Overall I see no reason why this should be blammed.

Akitta responds:

Your music is fuckin sweet, and I promised I would put it in my flash. Respect.

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It was a pretty fun game man. The animation was smooth, and pleasing to the eye. I can't really say much about the game since it was so simple and straight-forward, but you did a great job with it.


Damn I was so close I got question 7 wrong. I just couldn't remember the name of the damn tune hahaha. As for the game it's pretty simple and straight-forward. Overall it wasn't bad but maybe if you make another have more questions. Maybe find out how the artist records and what gear/programs they use and throw those questions in as well? Anyway Bad_Man is a good friend of mine and I'm glad to see him get the recognition. Great job.

Billy-Bean responds:

Haha nice, well not even Bad-Man got it all right the first time according to him. :-P
For the next Bad-Man-Incorporated (which probably won't be out for a bit, I've got a lot going on the next month), I am going to try and have a lot more questions. The next one won't be in a sound quiz format, just a normal one. I've got to use questions that people can figure out though, can't use questions that people have no way of figuring out. :P
Or, I could do a flash about bad-mans music, inform people how he does it, THEN do the quiz. There's a lot of possibilities going through my head right now for the next one. Well, thanks for taking the time to review my quiz and I'm glad you liked it. :-)

~Billy Bean

Nicely done

This was pretty fun man.It wasn't to hard to play but it was simple and addictive kinda like Tetris although Tetris is in nother world of addictive games.Anyway cool game man and I loved the music Gorebastard kicks ass.

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This is getting saved and I am going to write some lyrics. Honestly this is one of my favorites from you. Awesome riffs and your mixing has improved since I last time I was kicking around the site. Awesome job man all around. If I was to give any criticism is that I'd like to hear a more defined bass sound. Especially during that ambient bit at around 3:00. Would to awesome to really hear a bass groove going throughout that.

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks dude! I've been meaning to go back and boost the bass up a bit but have'nt had too much time. I will do that soon!


I wasn't expecting to see you submit some new shit. Let alone it being a rerecording of my favorite tune from you.

Overall a much clearer sound and I'm really looking forward to hearing it with vocals. Will you be uploading updated versions to NG? Anyway, the only thing I really thought about changing was the cymbals. They are just a bit quiet for my taste. Especially since everything else is so present this time around in the mix. I don't think they need much gain, just a tiny bit.

Glad to see you submitting some new tunes man.

Love-Hate-War responds:

Haha cheers man!!! Yeh its been a while I have to say! Yeh I will be submitting a finished one, this one isn't mixed or anything, just straight as i recorded it, should be done in a few days


I really liked the effect heavy verses, they remind me of Ozzy. Anyway, the song is really well done. It's simple, but it works well for the tune. Your mixing has gotten quite nice. Only thing that I might add is a bit more on the hi-hat and ride during the verses. They sound good, but just straight 8th notes is a bit stale. Maybe add some closed hi-hats along with the open between the 8th notes for some 16th note goodness.

Still, great tune man. HOpe to see some more from you soon.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Hey you dirty shirt fucker. How the hell goes it!? Thanks for the review and visit man! Glad to see you around.

I'm constantly working at improving my drum tracks and that is some good goddamn advice. :) Thanks man. That will help.
I'm not super sold on the chorus either. :( I'll refine this a bit, I'm sure...definitely attack the drums.

Anyways man, glad to hear from you! Thanks for the shit. Hopefully you got my emails a while back. :)

If any flash author's want some custom music for their flash just let me know. I'd be more than happy to try and help you out.

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